Welcome to the Official Montana Department of Commerce website! Meg O'LearyThe Montana Department of Commerce works with statewide and local partners, private industry and small businesses to enhance and sustain economic prosperity in Montana. The Department works to improve the state's economy through business creation, expansion, retention, and diversification of the state's economic base; provides direct technical assistance, grants and loans for Montana's entrepreneurs, businesses and their employees; strengthens the economy through the promotion of tourism development, promoting and protecting historic sites, and marketing Montana as a travel and filmmaking destination; promotes access to new markets, both foreign and domestic, for Montana goods and services; provides financing for homeownership and rental assistance opportunities for Montana families; and develops and improves public infrastructure and housing for Montana citizens by providing grants and technical assistance to Montana communities and counties.

Commerce at a Glance

Business Resources Division


The Business Resources Division (BRD) is comprised of programs in the areas of finance, technical assistance, and information, designed to improve, enhance, and diversify Montana's economic and business climate.

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Community Development Division


The Community Development Division (CDD) helps Montana communities offer safe, efficient, and quality public facilities including streets, water, and sewer services; schools; affordable and attractive housing and neighborhoods; excellent health care facilities and social services; a vibrant economy; and job opportunities.

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Housing Division


The Housing Division helps create affordable housing opportunities for Montanans by partnering with local housing organizations across the state to leverage the federal funding that is made available to Montana.

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Montana Promotions Division


The Montana Promotions Division (MPD) works to strengthen Montana's economy through the promotion of the state as a vacation destination and film location. The Division strives to promote a quality experience to visitors while encouraging preservation of Montana's environment and quality of life.

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