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Commerce is the state agency with the responsibility for job creation, job retention and job expansion.

Commerce acts as an information broker for businesses and communities in the economic and community development areas.

  • Maintain and improve basic community infrastructure.
  • Provide financing for homeownership and rental assistance opportunities for Montana families.
  • Provide direct technical assistance and training for Montana's entrepreneurs, businesses, and their employees in partnership with communities, counties, and local and regional development groups.
  • Promote Montana as a place to visit, to locate business, and to film motion pictures, commercials, documentaries, and features.
  • Finance Montana businesses that generate a positive financial and economic return for the state and its citizens.

We have a wealth of resources and knowledgeable staff. We can be partners in your endeavors. We are here to help Montana succeed.

301 S. PARK AVE. | PO BOX 200501 | HELENA, MT 59620-0501 | P: (406) 841-2700 | F: (406) 841-2701 | TDD: (406) 841-2702