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Montana Energy Currents

Providing regular updates on the state of energy development in Montana
The Industry Development Program (IDP) in the Montana Department of Commerce works to assist in the creation of high quality energy-related jobs and enhance domestic energy security by working directly with private industry, local & regional economic development organizations, as well as with state, federal, and tribal governments to facilitate, promote and develop energy projects throughout Montana. In addition, IDP strives to provide relevant and up to date information for energy developers, policy makers, and citizens of the Big Sky state.
In order to better communicate the current status of energy development across the state, IDP has created a new electronic publication, Montana Energy Currents, that will provide a brief, regular, and data driven analysis of energy issues impacting the state.

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Energy Currents Archive

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Issue 27: Natural Gas Consumption By Sector

Issue 26: MT electricity Sales Peak in Winter

Issue 25: MT Lowest Total Installed Cost for OilSands

Issue 24: Coal Makes Gains in Electrical Market
Issue 23: Montana Energy Production

Issue 22: Solar PV Incentives (Updated)

Solar PV Incentives

Issue 21: USGS Bakken Assessment

USGS Update on Bakken Resources

Issue 20: 2012 Wind Installations

2012 Wind Installations

Issue 19: Understanding the Grid

Understanding the Grid

Issue 18: Oil Production and Refinery Capacity by PADD

Oil Production and Refinery Capacity by PADD

Issue 17: Natural Gas Production

Natural Gas Production

Issue 16: Geothermal Potential

Geothermal Potential


Issue 15: Electricity Exports

Electricity Exports

Issue 14: Traditional Fuel Taxes

Traditional Fuel Taxes

Issue 13: Carbon Sequestration

Carbon Sequestration

Issue 12: Energy Infrasctucture

Energy Infrasctucture

Issue 11: Wind Capacity Factors

Wind Capacity Factor

Issue 10: Top Electricity Production Facilities

Top Electrical Generators

Issue 9: Coal Productivity and Price

Coal Productivity and Price


Issue 8: Location of Montana Hydroelectric Facilities
Montana Hydro
Issue 7: Rig Count and Well Completion

Issue 6: Biomass Utilization

Biomass Utilization

Issue 5: Refined Oil by Source

Refined Oil by Sourece

Issue 4: Wind Farm Locations (Updated)

Montana Wind Farms

Issue 3: Electricity Generation

Montana Electricity Generation

Issue 2: Coal Distribution

Montana Coal Distribution

Issue 1: Oil Production by County

 Oil Production by County