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Legal Services

The Department's Legal Counsel, as Director’s staff, is ultimately responsible for the representation of the Department on all legal issues.  A primary legal obligation is to ensure that the Department and its programs are operated in compliance with relevant case law and all applicable federal and state statutes, regulations, and rules.

The Chief Legal Counsel directly represents the Department on many issues, and also supervises legal work performed for the Department and attached administrative boards, councils, and commissions by other Department attorneys, state attorneys, and private law firms. The most common legal issues include the preparation of legislation and administrative rules, the development and review of contracts, client counseling, intergovernmental communications, and general litigation matters.

While the Department's Legal Counsel does not provide legal advice to the public, legal services are always provided with the ultimate goal of furthering business, economic, and community development within Montana.

Links of Interest:

Montana Code Annotated

Administrative Rules of Montana

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Marty Tuttle, Chief Legal Counsel (406) 841-2706

Kelly A. Lynch, Special Projects Counsel (406) 841-2776

Ty Jones, Legal Counsel (406) 841-2733

Garrett R. Norcott, Legal Counsel (406) 841-2703

Bonnie J. Martello, Paralegal (406) 841-2596

Meg O'Leary


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