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Hit the Road with Montana and Roadtrippers

New Partnership Highlights Road Trips in Montana

Tuesday, April 19, 2016/Categories: Market MT, Tourism

Monana Road Trips

HELENA – Montana is the perfect destination for all kinds of road trips. That’s the message the Montana Department of Commerce (DOC) is spreading to potential travelers worldwide through a partnership with Roadtrippers, an online resource for those seeking a unique travel experience.

“Montana Road Trips” features 10 articles, four custom road trips and 350,000 digital ad impressions on the Roadtrippers website. This content highlights the unique aspects of taking a trip by car in Montana and represents every region in the state.

“Montana has some of the most unique destinations from Big Sky to the Bighorn Canyon,” said DOC Director Meg O’Leary. “We’re excited to show off all of the special places in Montana, and the travel planning technology of Roadtrippers will help us reach a broad audience of travelers interested in exactly what Montana has to offer.”

With the reach of the Roadtrippers website and its unique travel planning features, Montana seeks to maximize the economic impact of tourism by encouraging visitors to stay longer and explore more of the state.

Explore “Montana Road Trips” at

The Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development markets Montana’s spectacular unspoiled nature, vibrant and charming small towns, breathtaking experiences, relaxing hospitality, and competitive business climate to promote the state as a place to visit and do business.



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