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Montana Department of Commerce Grant Brings Filmmakers to Wildlife Film Festival

Thursday, April 13, 2017/Categories: Market MT

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HELENA, Mont. – In support of the 40th annual International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, the Montana Department of Commerce and Montana Film Office have granted the festival funding to bring filmmakers to the state to participate in a variety of events.

Two grants totaling $10,000 will be used to support the festival’s special events that draw visitors from across Montana. It will also help pay for three filmmakers to participate in the festival and learn more about Montana for potential future projects.

Visiting filmmakers:

  • Justin Anderson produced the BBC’s Planet Earth 2 episode “Mountains,” which was filmed in-part in Yellowstone National Park with local filmmakers John Shier and Dawson Dunning. Anderson has been working on documentary projects for 18 years for the BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic.
  • Zackery Rago and Stacey Piculell produced “Chasing Coral,” a documentary that took home the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award. The documentary will open the International Wildlife Film Festival on April 15. Rago will also spend time speaking with Missoula elementary school students.

Learn more about the 40th International Wildlife Film Festival here.





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