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Montana Renewable Energy Companies Explore Canadian Markets

Upcoming Trade Mission to Match Companies with Opportunities

Friday, October 27, 2017/Categories: Market MT, Trade & Export

HELENA, Mont. – Three of the seven U.S. companies participating in a renewable energy trade mission to Canada next week will be from Montana thanks to an export assistance program at the Department of Commerce.

Representatives of Satic (Missoula), ViZn Energy (Columbia Falls) and ZAF Energy Systems (Columbia Falls) will travel to Toronto and Calgary during the four-day trade mission, which starts on Monday. Participants will receive briefings on the industry and market of each location before meeting with potential buyers.

“Over the next year, nearly a quarter of all renewable energy exports from the U.S. may be going to Canada,” said Commerce Director Pam Haxby-Cote. “This means a big opportunity for Montana, and for our state to be so well represented in this trade mission is a testament to the quality of products being designed and manufactured here.”

With federal funds awarded through a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s State Trade Expansion Program, Commerce is paying half of the participation fee and providing a travel stipend for each company.

The U.S. Commercial Service organized the trade mission, and the ExportMontana office at Commerce recommended several companies to participate, which the USCS narrowed down to three. Since then, ExportMontana has been working with them to prepare them for success.

Satic manufactures products designed to save energy by reducing electrical consumption. ViZn Energy develops flow batteries with a guaranteed lifespan of 20 years or more. ZAF Energy Systems produces nickel zinc batteries, which provide twice the energy, power and life of lead acid batteries.

Canada is Montana’s No. 1 export market.


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