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VIDEO: Accessible, Affordable Housing is the Key to Living a Full, Independent Life

April is Fair Housing Month

Tuesday, April 11, 2017/Categories: Community Development Division, Montana Housing, Section 8, MBOH Multifamily Housing

Accessible, Affordable Housing is the Key to Living a Full, Independent Life

For many Montanans, finding accessible and stable housing can mean the difference between living an independent, healthy life or struggling to get by. That’s why the Montana Department of Commerce is recognizing Fair Housing Month, and continuing to work with property owners to develop more accessible, affordable housing options.

Theresa Gardner says she’s grateful for an accessible apartment close to the grocery store, it means she can continue her independent life.

“They have roll-in showers, the bathroom is accessible the kitchen is accessible, everything is down where a wheeled person can reach things,” Gardner says. “There’s more buildings like this needed.”

For Nate Homier, affordable housing means he’s been able to keep a steady job.

“I don’t have the fear of homelessness,” Homier says. “It gives me the peace of mind to focus on my recovery. When you don’t have housing, it just weighs heavily on your mind.”

The Montana Department of Commerce administers most federal housing dollars that come into the state. These services include rental assistance, homeownership assistance, and affordable rental development. In Montana, housing discrimination is illegal. Over the last year, the Department of Commerce has helped folks like Nate, Theresa and approximately 9,000 individuals and families across Montana access affordable housing.

For more information about Fair Housing in Montana, and to watch Theresa and Nate's videos, visit our website at Find additional resources at the Montana Fair Housing website at




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