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Quality Schools Facility and Technology Grants (Project Grants)

Grants for the 2015 Biennium were awarded Spring 2013.  

Quality Schools grants are available on a competitive basis for major repairs or deferred maintenance to an existing school; major improvements or enhancements to an existing school; or information technology infrastructure, including installations, upgrades, or improvements, to an existing school.

Project must meet one or more of the following Statutory Priorities to be considered for funding. The Priorities are provided in Title 90, Chapter 6 of the Montana Code Annotated (90-6-803(7), MCA):

1)Projects that solve urgent and serious public health or safety problems or that enable public school districts to meet state or federal health or safety standards;

2) Projects that provide improvements necessary to bring school facilities up to current local, state, and federal codes and standards;

3) Projects that enhance a public school district's ability to offer specific services related to the requirements of the accreditation standards provided for in 20-7-111;

4) Projects that provide long-term, cost-effective benefits through energy-efficient design;

5) Projects that incorporate long-term, cost-effective benefits to school facilities, including the technology needs of school facilities; and

6) Projects that enhance educational opportunities for students.

The Department reviews and ranks applications received by the application due date and submits its funding recommendations to the Governor. The Governor will then review the Department's recommendations and submit the recommendations to the Legislature as part of the Governor's budget for the upcoming Biennium. The Legislature makes the final decision about which applications are funded and makes the necessary funding appropriations.

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