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License Applications

The commonly used application is available here to be printed. Applications must be completely filled out, signed and mailed to the Board, along with the licensing fee prior to being processed. If the application needed is not here, please contact the board at (406) 961-5422.

  • Company Application - Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW) Hub Operator, Photo Company, Program Company and Totalizator Company.
  • Non-Working Application - Spouse; family (close relative); Minor (15 years and younger)
  • Occupational Application - Announcer; Tip sheet seller; Track maintenance; Plater; Gate attendant; Security staff; Assistant starter; Valet; Vet Assistant; Practicing vet; Other
  • Occupational Rider Application - Exercise person; Pony person; Outrider
  • Official Application - Custodian of the jockey's room; Director of racing; Handicapper; Time/clocker; Track superintendant; Racing secretary; Assistant Racing secretary; Official veterinarian; Clerk of scales; Patrol judge; Steward; Starter; Identifier; Chief of security; Paddock judge; Office personnel; Track auditor
  • Race Date Application - An application to conduct a live race meet in the state of Montana.  Applicants be must in good standing with the state of Montana.
  • Simulcast Site/Network - Montana off-track wagering (OTB) sites or networks
  • Simulcast Official Application - Director of simulcast site; Director of simulcast network; Pari-mutuel manager at network


Other Applications


Miscellaneous Forms