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Business Assistance Programs


*NEW* Montana Department of Commerce, Montana Business Stabilization Program
The Montana Business Stabilization Grant program will provide working capital for small businesses to support payroll, rent, accounts payable, debt service and expenses related to shifts in operations in order to retain existing businesses, retain current employees or retain business viability for future re-employment. Eligible small business must be Montana-based, employ 50 or less, have sustained a loss of revenue since Feb. 15 due to COVID 19, and be in good standing with the Secretary of State or local tribal government. Nonprofit entities are not eligible. Total funding available is $50 million, the maximum award amount per business is $10,000. 

*NEW* Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Montana Innovation Grant Program
The Montana Innovation Grant program is intended to help companies scale up, improve capabilities, or drive expanded distribution of products or services developed in response to COVID-19. Projects should demonstrate significant impact in improving public health, safety, and economic impact. Eligible companies include non-profit and for-profit businesses of less than 150 employees that have created an innovative product or service intended to directly confront the COVID-19 emergency. Applicants must have primary operations based in Montana, be in good standing with the Montana Secretary of State and must not be debarred from receiving federal or state funds. Total funding available is $5 million with a maximum award amount of $25,000.

*NEW* Montana Department of Agriculture, Montana Food and Agriculture Adaptability Program
Grants are available to food and agriculture businesses to help increase community resilience amid the COVID 19 pandemic and other economic disruptions. Grants are intended to create additional economic activity and bolster food security. Examples of eligible projects include, but are not limited to, those focused on accessing new markets, projects which strengthen and expand local food systems, and other business adaptations that decrease food and agricultural waste. The need for such innovations must be driven by the COVID 19 pandemic. Total funding available is $500,000, with a maximum application amount of $10,000.

Montana Facility Finance Authority, Emergency Loan Program
The Emergency Loan Program makes short-term loans to eligible institutions at competitive interest rates during periods of declared emergency. Eligible projects include construction and renovation, facility acquisition, refinancing of qualified outstanding debt, the purchase of equipment, operations expenses, and financing costs.
Available to: Montana Businesses
406.444.0052 |

Montana Facility Finance Authority, Emergency Forbearance Program
The Emergency Forbearance Program is limited to current Direct and Trust Fund Loan clients of the Authority. The program can only be activated when the State or Federal government declares an emergency for all or part of the State of Montana. The Program will close upon end of the emergency declaration unless extended by Authority Board action.
Available to: Montana Businesses
406.444.0052 |

Montana Department of Commerce, MicroBusiness Finance Program
Montana-based businesses with fewer than ten full-time equivalent employees and gross annual revenues of less than $1,000,000 can apply for a microbusiness loan up to $100,000 by contacting a MicroBusiness Development Corporation (MBDC). MBDCs provide capital to start or expand a business, training and technical assistance, and pre- and post-loan training valuable for the success of a small business.
Available to: Montana Businesses
406.841.2594 |

Montana Department of Commerce, Native American Collateral Support Program
The Native American Collateral Support (NACS) Program addresses the lack of access to capital for Native American-owned businesses.  NACS addresses access to capital issues by providing collateral support security for Lenders making loans with Native American-owned businesses that only lack in sufficient collateral/equity for a business loan according to their loan risk profiles. (All other aspects of the credit analysis are satisfactory: cash flow, climate, character, and credit-worthiness). There is no origination fee to Lenders to access these funds from the Montana Department of Commerce. 
Available to: Native American-Owned Businesses
406.841.2775 |

Montana Department of Commerce, Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund Planning Grants
The Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund Program (BSTF) Planning funds are awarded to eligible applicants to assist with economic development planning efforts that promote long-term, stable economic growth in Montana. Applications which support a critical activity to move an economic development project forward and directly assist a basic sector company are the highest priority for the Department.
Available to: Montana Businesses
406.841.2250 |

Montana Department of Commerce, Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)
The SBDC network supports ten centers around the state, focusing on counseling in areas such as financial analysis, business planning, training and workshops and loan packaging assistance to help small businesses achieve their goals.
Available to: Small Businesses
406.841.2746 |

Montana Department of Commerce, Wood Product Revolving Loan Fund (WP RLF)
Wood Product Revolving Loan Fund (WP RLF) is available to wood product businesses experiencing loss or are financially in distress (these are loan funds)       
Available to: Montana Wood Product Businesses
406.841.2594 |

Montana Department of Agriculture, Growth Through Agriculture Mini-Grant Program
Mini-grants available to food and ag companies for education, promotion, marketing, and travel projects to expand agricultural development, economic activity, and employment growth. Given the current public health situation with COVID-19, special attention will be paid to projects that strengthen and expand local food offerings, distribution, and infrastructure. 
Available to: Individuals, Businesses and Industry Organizations, Public and Private Agencies, Educational Institutions, and Local Governments. 
406.444.0134 |

Montana Department of Agriculture, Rural Assistance Loan program
Rural Assistance Loans are available to producers with modest financial investments in agriculture. These loans finance agricultural enterprises to enhance producers' operations and assist in the economic growth and welfare of Montana agriculture.    
Available to: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and residents of Montana. Loans are available to persons who are unable to qualify for financing from commercial lenders.      
406.444.3144 |

Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Unemployment Insurance Contributions (Tax)
We provide Customer Support for Unemployment Insurance  eServices for Employers: new employer registration, filing quarterly UI wage reports, tax payment, SIDES partipation, and more. Employer Handbook found here
Available to: Employers
406.444.0690 |

Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Wage and Hour Laws
Answer questions regarding State and Federal Wage and Hour laws. Also conduct complaint driven Wage and Hour related  investigations. 
Available to: Employers
406.444.6543 |

Tax Programs

Governor Steve Bullock has extended the payment and filing deadlines for 2019 individual income taxpayers to July 15 in accordance with the new federal filing deadline.

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