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Commerce Announces Nearly $795,000 in Grants to Fund Technology Innovation

Thursday, July 26, 2018/Categories: Market MT, Funds Awarded, R&D and Commercialization, Choose Montana

HELENA, MT – The Department of Commerce today announced $794,510 in grants to nine research projects in four communities to encourage innovation, research and high-wage job creation.

The funds are being awarded through the Montana Board of Research and Commercialization Technology. MBRCT supports economic development by investing in research projects that have a clear path to commercialization.

The following projects received a grant:

  • Christopher Arrasmith, Revibro Optics of Bozeman, received $60,000 for Increased Stroke for MEMS-Based Deformable Membrane Mirror Through Material Investigations
  • Fanny Astruc-Diaz, DermaXon LLC of Missoula, received $99,326 for Topical Selective T-Type Blockers for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain
  • Jason Brasseur, Bridger Photonics, Inc. of Bozeman, received $79,985 for Extended Range Absolute Distance Interferometer
  • Richard Clarke, Yellowstone Scientific Instruments of Big Sky, received $50,000 for Point of Care Monitor for Treatment of Substance Abuse
  • David Driscoll, Glacigen Materials, Inc. of Bozeman, received $62,702 for Structural Stabilization of Freeze Tape Cast Microstructures
  • Sarah Lukes, Agile Focus Designs of Bozeman, received $90,000 for Enhanced Power and Zoom (EPZ™)
  • Paul Nugent, NWB Sensors, Inc. of Bozeman, received $100,000 for Development of Low-Power Economical Snowpack Sensors Using Snow Buried GPS Receivers
  • Renee Reijo Pera, Montana State University of Bozeman, received $162,500 for Anti-Wrinkle Creams with Collagen-Stimulating Small Molecules
  • Rob Smith, Prime Labs, Inc. of Greenough, received $89,997 for Novel Methods for Mass Spectrometry Information Extraction and Reporting

Since 2001, the board has funded $43.6 million into 243 research projects, which in turn have attracted another $398 million in investment. Learn more at


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