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Commerce Awards Planning Grants to 9 Montana Communities

Wednesday, April 15, 2020/Categories: Community Development Division

Main Street Twin Bridges Montana

The Montana Department of Commerce announced Wednesday that nine Montana communities will share more than $132,000 in planning grants through the Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP). The grants will be used to initiate the development of infrastructure projects in Montana communities.

“With the uncertainty we are facing at this time, it is important that we continue with an eye to the future to support engineering planning work for critical infrastructure to improve the health and safety of Montana communities,” Montana Department of Commerce Director Tara Rice said. “These TSEP grants will help towns plan infrastructure projects that provide clean and safe water and improve a community’s resiliency for the next generation.” 

TSEP Planning Grants are used to fund infrastructure planning documents such as Preliminary Engineering Reports for drinking water systems, wastewater treatment facilities, storm water systems, solid waste systems, bridges and Capital Improvements Plans. These reports are used to identify and prioritize what infrastructure improvements are needed for a community. The documents are required for infrastructure projects that apply for TSEP project funding.

The following communities have received TSEP Infrastructure Planning grants:

  • Darby: $15,000 to complete a wastewater Preliminary Engineering Report
  • Nashua: $12,723 to complete a water Preliminary Engineering Report
  • Phillips County: $15,000 to complete a water Preliminary Engineering Report for Buffalo Trail Water District
  • Power-Teton County Water and Sewer District: $15,000 to complete a wastewater Preliminary Engineering Report 
  • Superior$15,000 to complete a wastewater Preliminary Engineering Report
  • Ten Mile Creek Estates-Pleasant Valley WSD: $15,000 to complete a wastewater Preliminary Engineering Report 
  • Thompson Falls: $15,000 to complete a wastewater Preliminary Engineering Report
  • Twin Bridges: $15,000 to complete a water Preliminary Engineering Report
  • Worden-Ballantine Yellowstone County WSD: $15,000 to complete a water Preliminary Engineering Report 

“The Town of Nashua’s infrastructure is outdated, some areas dating back to 1974. We have experienced numerous freezing meters, main lines, and issues with providing service,” Nashua Clerk and Treasurer Christina Washington said. “This TSEP grant would better the quality of service the Town can offer to our residents, by identifying and repairing our service lines.”

Eligible applicants for TSEP planning grants include incorporated cities or towns, counties, consolidated governments, tribal governments and county or multi-county water, sewer or solid waste districts.

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