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Commerce to Help Preserve Affordable Housing in Culbertson and Wolf Point

Tuesday, August 14, 2018/Categories: Community Development Division, Montana Housing

Culbertson Montana

The Montana Department of Commerce recently awarded $840,000 of federal funding to assist with the acquisition and rehabilitation of Roosevelt Villas, two affordable apartment buildings located in Culbertson and Wolf Point.

The rehabilitation of the apartments will add needed safety, structural, and efficiency improvements to the apartments and will guarantee at least 30 years of continued affordable rent for households earning below 60 percent of the area median income.

“Having a safe and affordable place for hard working Montanans and their families is important to the economic vitality of Montana, from our larger towns to our smallest communities,” Montana Department of Commerce Director Pam Haxby-Cote said. “This rehabilitation will keep housing affordable for workers in these communities for many years to come.”

The *$3.7 million project funded in-part by Home Investment Partnership (HOME) focuses on increasing resident safety and security by adding new exterior lights, sidewalks, doors and locks, and repairing the buildings to current earthquake codes. The plan also includes installation of new roofs, flooring, kitchen cabinets, energy efficient windows, solar panels, and carports that will add longevity and durability to the project. The rehabilitation work is slated to start this fall.

“Rehabilitating this housing means that families and individuals will continue to have access to quality, affordable housing for the next several decades,” Great Northern Development Corporation Executive Director Tori Matejovsky said. “This investment will strengthen the communities of Wolf Point and Culbertson and ensure Montanans can create their own economic opportunity.”

In addition to the HOME award, Roosevelt Villas also received funding from federal housing tax credits.

The HOME Program funding used for this rehabilitation project is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Montana Department of Commerce grants HOME funds to help local governments respond to the need for adequate, affordable housing for individuals and families.

*Correction/Clarification: This release was updated to include total project cost, which was $3.7 million not $2.6 million as originally stated. It was also clarified to include the project also received funding through Montana Housing’s federal housing tax credits.


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