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Energy Efficiency Grant Helps Missoula Hospital Cut Costs

Grants still available for nonprofit organizations

Tuesday, October 1, 2019/Categories: Montana Facility Finance Authority

A year-old initiative to help hospitals slash their energy costs is already showing results. The Montana Facility Finance Authority, part of the Montana Department of Commerce, recently awarded a $15,000 Energy Efficiency Program grant to Missoula’s Providence St. Patrick hospital to identify energy efficiency savings and reduce operating costs. 

“As a result of the State of Montana’s energy grant and audit, Providence St. Patrick Hospital was able to identify and implement a myriad of small changes that resulted in annual electricity savings of over $100,000 YTD in 2019,” said Tim Chopp, facility manager.
Eligible applicants for the grant program include nonprofit organizations such as hospitals, senior living facilities, group homes, prerelease facilities and clinics.

"Currently, the Montana Facility Finance Authority has more than $500,000 to grant for the EEP program," said MFFA Executive Director Adam Gill. "That gives us an opportunity to provide over 30 grants to rural health clinics and hospitals across the state, helping them increase energy efficiency and save money."

For more information about the Energy Efficiency Program, click here.


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