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Film Industry Contributed $48 Million to Montana’s Economy in 2019-2020

Independent report details 18-month industry impact

Monday, July 20, 2020/Categories: Market MT, Film, Choose Montana

Filming in Montana

MONTANA – The production of films, television shows and commercials contributed $47.6 million to Montana’s economy over the last 18 months according to a new independent report on the film industry’s impact commissioned by the Montana Department of Commerce. 

From January 2019-June 2020, 117 productions were filmed in Montana, directly spending $23.9 million in Montana communities, supporting 280 jobs, and contributing $1.3 million in local tax revenue. The report by Econsult Solutions, Inc. or ESI was commissioned by the Montana Film Office at the Department of Commerce as required by House Bill 293 which created the Montana Economic Development Industry Advancement Act (MEDIA Act). The MEDIA Act is Montana’s new film industry tax incentive which went into effect July 1, 2019.  

“Montana’s film industry is a powerful tool for creating good-paying jobs and supporting small businesses in our communities,” Montana Department of Commerce Director Tara Rice said. 

At the publish date of the report, ten productions had been certified by the Montana Film Office to receive a tax incentive through the MEDIA Act. Four additional productions have been certified after the completion of the report. To date, no production had yet received a tax credit through the Montana Department of Revenue. 

The report concludes that “the benefits to local communities from the film and entertainment industry are considerable. During filming, production often hires local businesses to help support their operations. From caterers, to hotels, and hardware stores to transportation, the film industry can have a significant economic impact on various sectors of the local economy. Even one day of shooting can have a significant impact on local business.” 

The full report is available here and will be presented to the Interim Revenue Committee on July 21.




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