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Governor Bullock Announces Release of Equal Pay for Equal Work Wage Negotiation Webinar

Free on-demand webinar available now

Wednesday, June 19, 2019/Categories: Equal Pay Taskforce

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Governor Steve Bullock announced today that the Equal Pay for Equal Work Montana Task Force released a free wage negotiation webinar as a resource for the public to continue narrowing the gender pay gap in Montana.

“Montanans deserve a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work which is why I challenged the Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force to eliminate the gender wage gap in Montana, and this wage negotiation webinar is a modern tool to reach that goal,” said Bullock. “This is just the latest achievement of the Task Force, and a demonstration of the work they are doing to support women in the workforce and strengthen Montana’s economy.”

Women in Montana earn only 73 percent of what men earn, resulting in a 27 percent gender wage gap. Research shows that women negotiate wages less frequently than men, which is one factor contributing to the wage gap. The wage negotiation webinar will enhance the efforts of the Task Force to provide on-demand wage negotiation training and allow Montanans to access the information and practice the skills from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

“Most women balance careers and family responsibilities and often can’t miss work or arrange childcare to attend wage negotiation training. This webinar will be accessible to all Montanans at their convenience,” said Montana Department of Commerce Director and Task Force co-chair Tara Rice. “The goal is to help women learn the skills and strategies to be successful in wage negotiations to receive the pay they deserve.”

Governor Bullock established the Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force in 2013 to ensure Montana workers earn equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender. The Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force includes members representing a variety of businesses, non-profits, and public-sector organizations throughout Montana.

For more information about Governor Bullock’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force and to view the wage negotiation webinar, visit EQUALPAY.MT.GOV.






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