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How Montana Manufacturers Can Help With COVID-19 Critical Supplies

Tuesday, March 24, 2020/Categories: Community Development Division, Market MT, Choose Montana

The Montana Manufacturing Extension Center has developed a resource page [] for Montana manufacturers to assist with the development and production of supplies that are needed to slow the spread of and respond to the novel coronavirus or COVID-19.

MMEC will provide assistance to your company at no charge for services to assist in making critical items and/or to help keep your company afloat during this difficult time.  Please contact us [] for more information.

If you are a health provider, emergency responder, or other organization on the frontline of the fight against the spread of Coronavirus and are in need of manufactured products to safeguard your employees and/or the public, please contact us [] and we will help connect you with manufacturers in the state.

Manufacturers across the country have pulled together an open-source list of specs on how to make things like hand sanitizer, face masks and ventilators. That open-source guide is here: []



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