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Lt. Governor Cooney Celebrates 6 New Habitat for Humanity Homeowners

Supported by low-interest Montana Board of Housing mortgages

Monday, July 13, 2020/Categories: Montana Housing

Habitat for Humanity of Helena Key Ceremony

Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney joined a dedication ceremony this afternoon to celebrate the completed construction of six new affordable Habitat for Humanity homes at Mountain View Meadows in Helena. The dedication honored the work of the six “owner-builder” families and others who have worked to complete the homes.

For 14 months, the owner-builders worked alongside Habitat for Humanity staff, contractors and local volunteers to build the homes. Owner-builders from each family put in time to complete at least 65 percent of the labor for each home, averaging about 1,000 work hours per family. All six of the families worked on their own homes and their neighbors’ homes until all six were completed.

One of the owner-builders is Autumn Daniels, a mother of four, who will now be able to purchase her new home with a low-interest mortgage through the Montana Board of Housing.

“Prior to Habitat, I was in sub-standard housing for two years and I became a single mother literally overnight. I was able to provide for my children for about six months with just my income alone, but I realized that I had to give up our home when I was making decisions between paying rent or buying food,” said Autumn. “Habitat is a program that has restored hope to my family and that good things happen if you keep trying, I knew it was a sacrifice that would give me and my children stability for the future.”

During the ceremony, Lt. Gov. Cooney commended the owner-builder families.

“Now more than ever it is crucial that all Montanans have an affordable place to call home,” Lt. Gov. Cooney said. “The homes we are celebrating today are a result of the hard work and dedication of the new home owners that are here with us, the construction staff, contactors and the hundreds of volunteers who all recognize the importance of affordable, quality homes and what it means to build a stronger community.”

At the end of the dedication, the new homeowners proudly received their new house keys.

Through the Habitat for Humanity of Helena, the owner-builder families received low-interest home loans provided by the Montana Board of Housing and the USDA Rural Development Mutual Self-Help program. The loans are set up so that each home owner will pay no more than 30 percent of their gross monthly income for their mortgage payment.

Since 1998, the Montana Department of Commerce’s Board of Housing has provided funding for 155 Habitat loans for approximately $13.6 million.


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