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Montana Launches New Warm Season Marketing Campaign

Monday, March 20, 2017/Categories: Market MT

HELENA, Mont. – For families in most neighboring states, Montana’s unspoiled nature can be experienced over a long weekend on just a tank of gas. That’s one of the reasons that the Montana Department of Commerce is targeting audiences in nearby states and Canada with its 2017 warm season tourism campaign which launched Monday nationwide.

“Our campaign will increase awareness of and interest in travel to Montana nationwide, with additional focus on neighboring states where awareness is already high,” Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development’s Director of Marketing Jenny Pelej said. “We want to be in the forefront of travelers’ minds when they are making their summer plans.”

The campaign uses the tagline Discover Your Montana Moment to play off the successful crowdsourced social media campaign #MontanaMoment. Print and digital ads will feature work by Montana photographers that show an inspirational trip to Big Sky Country is within reach for families who are looking to create their own free-spirited adventure.

“Visitors look to Montana for an authentic trip that lets them experience the feelings of being free-spirited and adventurous while returning to a fine meal and comfortable place to rest,” Pelej said. “Visitors can choose from a myriad of activities across the state that define adventure for them, without fighting crowds, within just hours from major airport hubs, or on a tank of gas if driving. We are proud of what our state has to offer and the positive impact it has on people who come to experience it.”

Montana’s March-August 2017 campaign can be found nationwide in magazines like Real Simple, Family Fun and Runner’s World. The campaign will also target regional markets like Boise, Salt Lake City and Denver as well as high-potential visitors nationally and in key international markets



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