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New Down Payment Assistance Program Aims to Shrink Affordability Gap for Montana Homebuyers

Thursday, July 20, 2017/Categories: Montana Housing, MBOH Homeownership

HELENA, Mont. – Montana homebuyers now have a new tool available to help make homeownership a reality. The Montana Board of Housing at the Montana Department of Commerce has launched the MBOH Plus 0% Deferred Down Payment Assistance Program, or MBOH Plus, created to make purchasing a home easier with down payment and closing costs assistance.

“Nearly 70 percent of renters claim that down payments are a greater barrier to homeownership than debt, job security and qualifying for a mortgage,” Commerce Director Pam Haxby-Cote said. “The MBOH Plus program will help more Montana renters become homeowners which boosts our economy and provides long-term housing stability for more Montanans.”

In Montana, homebuyers can usually afford a monthly mortgage payment but can struggle to save enough money for a down payment and to pay closing costs. Many of these borrowers face an "affordability gap," the difference between what they can afford to purchase and the actual cost of buying a home.

The MBOH Plus, a statewide program, provides eligible homebuyers with up to $6,500 of deferred funding to help with down payment and closing costs. This assistance is offered through a second mortgage loan that has no monthly payment, and is due and payable upon the sale of the property with the payoff of the main mortgage loan.

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