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New Grant Program Helps Nonprofits Save on Energy Costs

Monday, July 30, 2018/Categories: Montana Facility Finance Authority

HELENA, Mont. – A new program through the Montana Facility Finance Authority is the grant that keeps on giving.

The Energy Efficiency Program helps eligible nonprofits cover the upfront costs of an energy audit, which in turn identifies opportunities to save on their energy bill for years to come.

“This program is ideal for hospitals and other such facilities in rural Montana communities, where every dollar counts toward providing access to important services,” said MFFA Executive Director Adam Gill. “Energy is one area where even small investments can have big impacts.”

MFFA is partnering with the National Center for Appropriate Technology, which provides a professional engineer to perform the audit. Audits include a thorough review of all heating, cooling and lighting systems as well as the building envelope to provide recommendations with estimated costs and savings.

Organizations then may choose whether to pursue the recommendations at their expense — but the potential savings make it an easy choice. Previous audits have found an average savings of $210,000 over a 15-year period.

The maximum grant available is $15,000. The recipient is required to match 10 percent, which goes back into the pool to fund future awards. MFFA estimates it will be able to assist approximately 55 facilities in total with its available funding.

Eligible organizations include nonprofit hospitals, senior living facilities, group homes, prerelease facilities and clinics. Interested parties may download an application at MTFACILITYFINANCE.COM or contact MFFA at 406.444.5435 for information.


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