Commerce Announces 15 Montana Communities to Receive CDBG Planning Grants

Hamilton Montana MONTANA – The Montana Department of Commerce announced Thursday that 15 Montana communities will share $511,000 in federal grant funding through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. These grants will support planning activities for critical infrastructure and community development projects across Montana.

“Planning lays the foundation to build vibrant, healthy and prosperous communities,” said Jennifer Olson, Community Development Administrator at Commerce. “These grants will support Montana counties, cities and towns as they plan for community infrastructure projects, develop and preserve affordable homes and create and retain jobs.”

CDBG Planning Grants will be awarded to:

CDBG planning grants are available to eligible counties, cities, towns and local governments. Local governments may apply on behalf of special districts, unincorporated areas and non-profit organizations. Counties may also apply for planning grants on behalf of tribal utility authorities.

For more information about CDBG Planning Grants, visit COMDEV.MT.GOV.

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