Mission, Vision, Values


The Department of Commerce effectively and efficiently delivers programs and resources through technical assistance, funding/investments, training/consulting, promotion, research, reporting, and outreach to provide affordable housing, create sustainable business and economic growth to enhance community vitality to benefit the citizens of Montana.


The vision of the Department of Commerce is to be the recognized leader in realizing Montana’s full potential by efficiently growing sustainable economies and vibrant communities.


  • Excellence: Provide superior, respectful service with timely communications, creative solutions, and responsible stewardship of resources.
  • Integrity: Build and maintain trust by doing what we say and saying what we do with honesty, transparency, consistency, and accountability.
  • Engagement: Cultivate genuine and collaborative relationships to achieve common goals.
  • Innovation: Lead effective change, improvement, and learning to create resilient, empowered, and forward-thinking teams to deliver great results.
  • Love for Montana: Embody our ethos for adventure, independence, and authenticity as we serve as the state’s most enthusiastic ambassadors.

Department of Commerce Organizational Chart