Mission and Vision


The mission of the Montana Department of Commerce is to foster community-led diversification and sustainability of a growing economy; maintain and improve our infrastructure, housing and facilities; and promote Montana's positive national and international image.


The Montana Department of Commerce will enhance and sustain a healthy economy so Montana businesses, communities, and people can prosper.

Goals and Objectives

  • Work to improve the state's economy through business creation, expansion, retention, and diversification of the state's economic base.
  • Provide direct technical assistance and training for Montana's entrepreneurs, businesses, and their employees in partnership with communities, counties, and local and regional development groups.
  • Enhance the growth of the Montana economy through the promotion of tourism development, promoting and protecting historic sites, and marketing Montana as a travel and filmmaking destination.
  • Promote access to new markets, both foreign and domestic, for Montana goods and services.
  • Provide financing for homeownership and rental assistance opportunities for Montana families.
  • Develop and improve public infrastructure and housing opportunities for the state's citizens by providing grants and technical assistance to Montana communities and counties.
  • Prudently manage the investments of state and local government funds.
  • Provide fair and equal treatment of our fellow employees and our customers.

Department of Commerce 2023 Biennium Goals & Objectives

Department of Commerce Organizational Chart