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American Rescue Plan Act 

Connect MT and Communications (Broadband)

Infrastructure - Water & Sewer

Economic Transformation and Stabilization and Workforce Development

Upcoming Meeting

September 20, 2022
Montana Down Payment Assistance Loan Program
ARPA Ag Infrastructure Grant Program

Hail Insurance Reinvestment Fund
ARPA Housing Programs
Automation Program
Cybersecurity Monitoring, Security Training

Past Meetings

March 16, 2022
Down Payment Assistance Program
Health Care Workforce Recruitment Program Approved Positions
ARPA Housing Update
Workforce Training
Return to Work Report
ARPA AGI Handout
ARPA AGI Summary Handout
EWAC Port Authority Handout
Map Spread
HB 681

December 14, 2021
Workforce Training Grant Scoring Criteria
Apprenticeship Scoring Criteria
Submissions ARPA Workforce Training Grant
Accelerate Rapid Training SMART Proposal
Submissions ARPA Workforce Apprenticeship Program
Down Payment Assistance Loan

October 27, 2021 at 9:00 am
Financial Update
Health Care Recruitment
Addressing Violent Crime
Bonus Reallocation
Workforce Training Grant Guidelines
Workforce Training Grant Addendum
Gap Financing
Value Added Ag Program Proposal

September 8, 2021 at 9:00 am
First Tranche Allocation
Funding Update
DLI Individuals with IDEE Proposal
Emergency Rental Assistance
Homeowner Assistance Fund
Rapid Retraining
Workforce Training Grant Program
Public Comment

August 12, 2021 at 9:00 am
Public Comments
Montana HAF Plan
HAF Presentation
GAP Financing Proposal


Connect MT and Communications (Broadband) 

Upcoming Meeting

August 8, 2022 [Agenda]

April 14, 2022 [Agenda]
Draft Subaward Contract Template
Sample Broadband Reimbursement Form
Periodic Estimate for Partial Payment Form
MACO Presentation

Past Meetings

January 28, 2022 [Agenda]

Supporting Documents:
Broadband Project Update

December 22, 2021 [Agenda]

Supporting Documents: 
Public Comments
Summary of Comments Received
Revised Scoring Chart 12-16-21
Revised Scoring Chart

November 18, 2021 [Agenda]

Supporting Documents:
Meeting Materials
Financial Update
2022 ConnectMT Draft Application Guide and Instructions
2022 ConnectMT Draft Online Application

September 14, 2021 [Agenda]

Supporting Documents:
June 8, 2021 Minutes
Conduct Policy and Acknowledgment Form
Funding Allocation
Commission Update

June 8, 2021 [Agenda] [Presentation]

Supporting Documents:
American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)
Department of the Treasury Interim Rule
Capital Project Funds
Montana ARPA Estimated Funding