Miles-City-Horse-Racing.jpgThe Board of Horse Racing is funded with state special revenue derived from a 1 percent tax on gross receipts from pari-mutuel betting. For simulcast facilities, the tax is the greater of 1 percent of gross betting receipts or the actual cost to the board for regulating the meet.

The Board of Horse Racing program is responsible for:

  1. Regulating the live and simulcast horse racing industry;

  2. Ensuring compliance by approximately 1,500 licensees with state laws and board rules;

  3. Licensing all racing personnel, establishing race dates for various communities, and establishing veterinary practices and standards in connection with horse racing meets;

  4. Auditing, supervising and conducting investigations related to the pari-mutuel racing system in Montana. The program work is mandated in Title 2, Chapter 15, and Title 23, Chapter 4, MCA.