Commerce Announces 35 Productions to Share $1.5 Million of Grant Funding to Film in Montana

Montana Film Office Logo HELENA – The Montana Department of Commerce announced today that 35 film productions will share $1.5 million of grant funding to film on location across the state. The funding is through Commerce’s Montana Film Office’s Big Sky Film Grant Program.

“The Big Sky Film Grant Program helps us build partnerships with filmmakers and production companies to create good-paying Montana film industry jobs and bring related dollars to communities across the state,” Commerce Director Scott Osterman said. “Over two-thirds of film-related jobs are high paying trades jobs, and these incentives for filmmakers keep Montana competitive with other states and countries for these jobs. An added benefit is the exposure Montana receives, which benefits Montana tourism,” Osterman added.

To qualify for a Big Sky Film Grant (BSFG), a production must shoot at least 50% of its principal photography in Montana. The BSFG and the Montana Film Office are funded by the 4% Lodging Facility Use Tax, commonly known as the “Bed Tax.”

The following projects will receive Big Sky Film Grant funding:

“I will always be grateful for the Big Sky Film Grant, which assisted us in the making of my debut feature film, “We Burn Like This.” The grant was very meaningful in creating a film inspired by Montana. We were able to support Montana-based cast and crew with our funding, as well as the local economy,” said filmmaker Alana Waksman, a past Big Sky Film Grant recipient. “The Big Sky Film Grant was the first grant we received. It was wind in our sails that this film was going to happen, and the state was behind us telling this story,” Waksman added.

Since it was established in 2013, the Big Sky Film Grant Program has supported nearly 250 film and tv productions in Montana.

For more information about the Big Sky Film Grant Program, visit MONTANAFILM.COM.

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