Commerce Awards Business Planning, Job Creation, and Workforce Training Grants to Seven Montana Communities

Workers Training HELENA – The Montana Department of Commerce today announced that more than $433,000 of grant funding has been awarded to grow and assist businesses in seven Montana communities. The job creation, planning, and workforce training grant funding is provided by Commerce’s Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund (BSTF).

“We know that sustainable, good-paying jobs are at the core of creating financial resiliency for Montanans. That's why Commerce will continue to assist local Montana businesses in creating more good-paying jobs for Montana workers,” said Montana Department of Commerce Director Scott Osterman. “This BSTF grant funding will help these Montana businesses plan for future growth, generate new opportunities through workforce training, and create long-term employment for workers in these communities.”

BSTF Job Creation grants are awarded to local and Tribal governments to create good-paying jobs for residents. In addition to grants, BSTF also provides funding for loans. BSTF Job Creation grant funding has been awarded to:
BSTF Economic Development Planning grants are awarded to eligible Certified Regional Development Corporations (CRDCs), as well as Tribal or local governments to assist with economic development planning efforts that promote long-term, stable economic growth in Montana. BSTF Economic Development Planning grant funding has been awarded to:
Primary Sector Workforce Training grants encourages the creation of jobs in primary sector businesses. Primary sector businesses are those having 50 percent or more of their sales outside Montana. BSTF Primary Sector Workforce Training grant funding has been awarded to:
In 2021, the Flathead County Economic Development Authority received $175,000 of BSTF Job Creation grant funding to assist Nomad Global Communication Solutions (GCS) with the creation of 35 jobs. One year later, the company has successfully met that hiring goal.

“Over the past 20 years, Nomad GCS has desired to build partnerships with local organizations within Flathead County that help both the County and Nomad’s ability to grow. Our partnership with the Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund has been a resounding success in achieving that goal,” said Nomad GCS Chief of People and Development Clay Binford. “The BSTF program has helped Nomad GCS add jobs that would have otherwise been financially more difficult to do. We have been able to bring on employees with higher paying wages and promote internal candidates faster because we can backfill positions by utilizing the BSTF mechanism. As we continue to expand our team in the future, we are excited about our continued partnership with the BSTF program to build careers in Montana.”

For more information about BSTF programs, contact Annmarie Robinson at the Montana Department of Commerce at 406.841.2250 or visit BUSINESS.MT.GOV.

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