Commerce’s Cybersecurity Grant Program Application Deadline Extended to April 30

Image of Cyber Security HELENA, Mont. – The Montana Department of Commerce announced today that the Montana Cybersecurity Grant Program has extended its application deadline to April 30, 2024. The program helps Montana businesses assess their cybersecurity readiness and enhance or develop their cybersecurity plans.

“Commerce’s Cybersecurity Grant Program is committed to fortifying the digital defenses of eligible small to medium-sized businesses across the state to ensure the security of their operations,” said Paul Green, director of the Montana Department of Commerce. “We encourage all eligible businesses in Montana to apply for this grant funding to upgrade their security and protect what they’ve worked so hard to achieve.”

The Montana Cybersecurity Grant Program provides much-needed awareness regarding the threat of cybersecurity as well as monitoring, security and training to protect small and medium-sized businesses from cybersecurity attacks.

Through the program, funding is used to directly assist businesses with cybersecurity monitoring and security. Eligible Montana businesses can receive up to $8,000 of funding for reimbursement of newly implemented cybersecurity measures paid to an accredited Montana cybersecurity company for monitoring and security equipment and programs.

Recently, Hellman Insurance in Helena received $8,000 to upgrade its firewall and install additional advanced security measures to protect the health information of its clients.

“I couldn’t be more appreciative of the Cybersecurity Grant Program. As a small business, we wouldn’t have been able to upgrade our security systems to the level we needed and implement a stronger defense system to protect our client’s data,” said Diane Hellman, owner of Hellman Insurance.

Eligible cybersecurity measures to be performed by a third party include security services, network security equipment, consumer security software, data security, cloud security, infrastructure protection, identity access management, real-time threat response, integrated risk management, application security and training.

For more grant information and to apply by April 30, click here.

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